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Tuesday Evening Men's




1.         Draw times are 6:45 and 9:00           

2.         The “ Four Rock Free Guard Zone” will be in effect.

3.         Skips are responsible for recording wins and losses after each game.

4.         The starting position of rinks shall be determined by the final records of the previous year. New rinks shall be placed by the Draw Committee ( Executive ).

5.         Round one & two will be made up of 6 teams in “A”,  6 teams in “B” & 5 teams in “C” on Tuesdays. There will be only 4 “C” teams in round three and fourSee # 10 below.

                Thursday night will have 6 teams in ”A” and 6 teams in “B”.

6.         There will be four rounds and five games in each round ( 20 games ) for Tuesday and Thursday nights this year.

7.         All groups will play five games in each round.

8.        Teams will be moved from group to group (A-B or B-A) based on total accumulation of points.      

In the case of three or more groups (A,B,C) a team can only move up or down one group at the end of the round. There is an exception when we have odd number of teams. Eg. Rnd 2 the “byes” go from the “C” group to the “A” group to prevent any team getting back to back “byes”.  Round 4, Trophy Round is explained in point # 11.

9         Grand Aggregate will be determined by total wins ( rounds 1-4 ) In the event of a tie

           Round Four – Order of Rules Applies.


10.     NEW - 2014 SNOW BIRD DRAW –

        The Five teams will only play 2 rounds ending at the end of Jan. 06 – (To accommodate 

         Snow Birds).   ( Rnd. 1 = 5 C teams... Rnd. 2 = 5 A teams… to prevent back-to-back “byes”.)


        Tuesday night “C” group will have only 4 teams in Round 3 & 4. They will play each other

        once in the round. (3 games)

        In Rnd. 3 the opponents for the 4th game in the round will be determined by points…after

        the 3 games are played in the round.     C1 vs C4 and C2 vs C3.  The 5th game in Rnd. 3 will have

        C1 vs C3  and C2 vs C4 .

        The same format will be used in Round Four, except the final positions C1, C2, C3, and C4  will be

        determined by the number of wins in round four.

11     Round Four will be the Trophy Round and the Group Title for A, B, & C will be a playoff

          format involving the teams in each event, determined by the Total Wins in Round 4.

Group “A” will be determined in a playoff between teams finishing in A1 & A4 and A2 & A3  positions. The winners of the semi-final will advance to the finals.

Group “B” will be determined in a playoff between teams finishing in B1 & A6 and B2 & A5

Group “C” (for the play-offs) will be made up by teams finishing in B3 to B8 position.

Teams finishing in the positions A1 & A2, B1 & B2, and B3 & B4 will have the hammer in the semi-finals. B6 vs B8 & B5 vs B7 are in the extra series. (Check Page 78) Last rock advantage in the finals will be determined by a coin toss.     



4. HEAD to HEAD WIN / LOSS   5.   If still tied - then a play-off game



In the event there are more than 3 teams involved in the playoffs,( eg. 3rd & 4th teams finish with same number of points) the following tie breaker system will be used in all cases. This includes a situation where the top two teams at the end of the round are tied for top team status.

*          If teams are tied with the same number of wins, the team with the most wins through rounds 1 - 4 receives a bye to the finals.

*          Head to head game win / loss records between the tied teams will be utilized to see who advances. Team with better record will advance, ie. team 3 beat team 4 twice during regular play. Team 3 advances. If still tied, teams will playoff to see who advances

12.       All games must be completed at the end of each round. If the game cannot be made up during this time period, the team who cancelled the game will take the loss. NO EXCEPTIONS.

            Teams who know that their games will be postponed due to outside club curling

            eg ( Zones ) must try to make up their games at the beginning of the round


Rounds 1 - 4         Win   Loss            

“A”                 10        5 

 “B”                  9     4.5

                                                                                                                                                                 "C"                  8        4     



Ÿ 1 spare - will play lead position - 2 spares will play lead and second.

Ÿ Must have at least 2 players from team.

Ÿ Any paid member of the curling club qualifies as a spare.




Team may remove their own free-guard stone from play but not the oppositions.

* In the delivery of a stone you must release before the front edge of the stone reaches the hog line.

* Double clutching or brushing the back of the stone at the time of release is   NO LONGER ALLOWED.

Please advise Draw Master or Curling Club if you are postponing a game.

This enables switching late draws to an earlier draw should the situation arise.


Thank you for your courtesy.


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